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Privacy Policy

Code of Conduct

We trust that the majority of our users will use our tools, website, and services maturely. Furthermore, we kindly ask you to evaluate and make sure that information and comply with our code of conduct. Your cooperation is appreciated. Unauthorized involvement in any form of academic dishonesty, which includes the use of resources, details, or solutions provided on or through our website or services, is strictly prohibited. This prohibition extends to the utilization of any information made available to you.

Claiming Ownership

Engaging in the creation of work for any class and presenting it as your own by utilizing the website's services or model responses is strictly prohibited. Despite the explicit prohibition, using our homework assistance service to complete assignments or tests is also forbidden. Additionally, claiming ownership over any information, products, or services obtained from or through the use of our website or services is not allowed.

Dishonesty or Cheating

We are committed to helping you succeed in your academic activities, but this can only be accomplished if you avoid contributing in dishonest academic practices, including cheating. If it is strongminded which you have opened this code of conduct, you could anticipate a serious response from us. In cases where there is evidence of the misuse of our services in violation of the established code of conduct, we retain the right to terminate the account of the user responsible for the offense. This decision will be entirely at our discretion(s).


While our website functions as an open platform for the exchange of information, it is essential to adhere to specific guidelines. Should you breach the terms of service, we retain the right to promptly terminate your account and delete any material you have uploaded.


We preserve the right to familiarize the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy at any time without prior notice to you. Additionally, we reserve the right to make fluctuations in the Site (or any part of it) or cease its process entirely at any time, with or deprived of prior warning. You acknowledge and agree that in the occurrence of suspension, alterations, or discontinuation of the Site, neither we nor any other party would be held liable to you or any other individual.

Commitments To Accounts

Upon registration, you would be asked to enter all personal information, containing your full name, registered email address, date of birth, and other pertinent details, furthermore, for creation of a password. While using the website, your first name and the preliminary letter of your last name would be demonstrated. A codenamed email address is generated for your account and is noticeable on the site. This address automatically directs correspondence to and from your actual email account, ensuring the confidentiality of your account.